“Identification” Tapestry

The main artistic image of the tapestry is dedicated to the theme of human identification in the space of the modern world, saturated with digital technologies. Since the beginning of human civilization, every individual and society as a whole has tried to master the surrounding space, filling it with their cultural and technological achievements. From science fiction, we know that such progressive processes always reach a point when the technologies invented by humans dominate and erase their individuality.

The method of forensic fingerprinting, invented in the early 20th century and used for personalization, systematization, and storage of data of suspects in previously committed crimes, serves the same purpose in our "digital" era. Modern electronic gadgets - iPhones, iPads, smartphones, and others - using the principle of "own-foreign," recognize their owner by the fingerprint of their hand and give them access to performing their functions. In many ways, this "personal key" - a fingerprint, which is always with a person, since it is difficult to lose or change from birth to death, is now perceived as a personal barcode for each individual. In the "digital" era, the external and internal content of a person, the features of their face and figure, worldview, and perception of the world are devalued and digitized into a personal code - a fingerprint. And now the modern technologies control the living space, and they can always determine the location of a person in it, not the person searching for their place.

In the composition of the presented tapestry, the cinematographic technique of a poly-screen is used - a frame of the screen inside another frame with an equally representational format. The black line of the square frame, limiting the space of the fingerprint - is the small area on the gadget, where the fingerprint must be entered for it to "recognize" the owner. In turn, the fingerprint lines mostly have a black color, emphasizing their resemblance to the bar code trademark.

Nevertheless, despite the technology's tendency to depersonalize human individuality, each individual is unique in their content. Therefore, in the tapestry, the lines themselves and the space between them with multicolored patches - unique colored "fragments" of something that was previously a whole but subsequently disintegrated into separate chaotic elements.

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