We create unique home textiles and handmade art objects from natural materials.
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AIZAKHAN Brand Philosophy

We are a buyer-manufacturer of interior textiles and art objects.

Our team will perform the role of researchers in the world of contemporary national art. We admire and are inspired by the work of artists and artisans! And we really want more people to share this path to creativity with us.

Our goal is to popularize and integrate national art into everyday things, in the modern world. We believe that artists, creative people, see the future, they see beauty with their special eyes, they reveal to us the secrets of the universe, and through their work they allow us to know ourselves better.

The energy of manual labor has its own magic! Things made by artisans and artists, their painstaking work - it carries a special energy. You yourself will feel it as soon as you touch them. And we also believe in symbols and the power that we inherited from our ancestors. We want it to be available to you too.

Everything that is presented in AIZAKHAN is done with deep meaning and great love.

We use only natural and environmentally friendly materials
We make sure that things are pleasant and comfortable in daily use.
We create unique handmade products
AIZAKHAN - gifts with meaning and forever
Baby blanket "Foal and swallow"
The illustration "Foal and Swallow" represents the friendship between a foal and a swallow. The work of a young Kazakh artist and graphic designer Aigerim Karibayeva. Aigerim is the founder of the @art-aika project. com, the winner of the national project “100 new faces of Kazakhstan” in 2021
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Bayer-manufacturer of interior textiles and arts