"Noyon" handmade tapestry

"Noyon" is a position in the military hierarchy  of the Mongolian state of the time of Genghis Khan, under whose subordination there were ten thousand warriors, as well as members of their families. His duties included not only military leadership over the people entrusted to him, but also the solution of administrative and legal issues, such as monitoring compliance with "Yasak" code of laws - judicial proceedings and punishments execution. For the unquestioning execution of decisions, the noyon had the right to declare: "In the name of Genghis Khan", and he was responsible directly to Genghis Khan for the people entrusted to him.
"Noah" is a famous biblical character, the son of Adam, who, on the instructions of the Almighty, saved representatives of the Earth’s fauna and flora during the Flood, on a purpose-built ark.
In the presented work, the author not only interestingly combined the personal and social qualities of the above-mentioned characters endowed with power and responsibility, but also played with the similarity of their names.
The artist in the tapestry builds a multifaceted, and at the same time, integral image of a person – leader, chief, teacher, mentor endowed with responsibility for a part of the community, its fate and prospects for development. After all, making responsible decisions and leading people requires wisdom and high moral qualities from the leader. Such social relationships are found in the daily life of people in various manifestations: the chief - subordinates, the teacher - students, the coach - pupils, the mayor of the city - citizens, the president - the people, etc. Almost the entire space in the tapestry is occupied by the figure of a walking huge black bull with its head and horns thrown up. The horns are stylized in the shape of the moon. Visually the heterogeneous, colored and numerous elements, united by the artist's imagination in the silhouette of the in crescent moon, symbolize the community of people - a society that is directly subordinate to the main character of the composition. His artistic image is presented to the viewer in the form of a small figure of a man - Noyon, sitting in a camping tent that balances on the very top of the mountain, which is also the back of a bull. In this case, the mighty figure of the bull at the same time figuratively represents an impregnable mountain - something inaccessible to the conquest of an ordinary person, and at the same time it is a kind of transporting object like "Noah's Ark".
Author: Mukanov Malik, Winner of "Daryn" State Youth Prize in the field of culture, Member of the Union of Artists of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts

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