“Colorful Steppe” Tapestry (triangle in the center)

Semantic translation of the word “renkti” from the Kazakh language means - colorful, refined in colors. But, the literal translation of the phrase "renkti dala" as colorful steppe, would not be entirely accurate. The correct interpretation of the translation is the steppe, filled with exquisite colorful content. And the main value of the Kazakh steppe has always been its people living in the unique territorial conditions of the center of Eurasia.
After all, just as the Sun is the geocentric core of our universe, Kazakhstan is a geocentric and geopolitical center of Eurasian continent. So, for many centuries in the heart of Eurasia with each new round of human civilization development, new states were formed. This list includes ancient Aryans, Saks, Huns, Turkic Khaganate, Golden Horde which was transformed into the Kazakh Khanate, and, finally, formation of the Republic of Kazakhstan at the turn of the millennium.
The compositional solution of each tapestry is made in a monumental style with reliance on the central symbol - a sign that carries both a pictorial and semantic meaning. This combination is typical for traditional ornament elements. So, in Turkic symbolism, an equilateral triangle standing on one of its sides had a meaning of a house, a hearth. A circle, with a diamond-shaped square inside, symbolized the head of a person, or even more precisely, the person himself with his inner content. Since symbolic culture is inherently universal, both of these signs have a sacred meaning not only for the Turkic culture. Their variations are found in other different ethno-cultural systems.
The stylistic visual solution of the entire series of “Colorful Steppe” tapestries involves the art of traditional Kazakh patchwork sewing – “kurak korpe” (kaz.) This is a type of needlework, in which, according to the principle of mosaic, a whole one is sewn together out of multi-colored and variegated pieces of fabric with a certain pattern. In the process of work, a canvas is created with a new color solution, pattern, sometimes texture.
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