Tapestry from the “Sunface” series

The "Sun-Faced" tapestry in its pictorial structure has a monumental and figurative character with a pronounced compositional center in the form of the sun with rays spread out in all directions. For better visual perception and disclosure of the theme of the work, its color scheme consists of pure, locally bright and harmonizing combinations of warm and cool colors.
The main symbolic series of the tapestry is represented by images of the sun and the bull. The image of a sun-faced deity sitting on a bull is present in a series of stylized rock paintings in the Tamgaly tract of the Charyn Canyon. These symbols - the sun and the bull - are sacred and carry a deep sacred meaning not only in the Kazakh traditional culture, but also in culture of many peoples of the world.
Modern man from the course of physics and astronomy knows that the Sun is the center of our galaxy, and the Earth and other planets of the solar system revolve around it. But, according to the laws of ancient civilizations, the Earth stands still, and the Sun leads its endless path around him. Hence exists the archaic representation of the image of the Sun, as an eternal and tireless wanderer, every day, from sunrise to sunset, making its uninterrupted path in the world of being. Similar associations are caused by the image of a bull - a noble, beautiful animal with great physical power and potential.
In the symbolic series, the image of the bull is present in Egyptian mythology and fine arts. This is Apis - the god of fertility in the guise of a bull. In ancient Mesopotamia and Georgia, as well as in Central Asia, the ceremony of ritual competition and sacrifice was associated with the sacred bull. The cult of the sacred bull (buffalo) was especially widespread in the ancient Indus Valley Civilizations. In one of the oldest mythological plots - Kidnapping of Europe, the main character is a bull. It is the god Zeus in the form of a bull who swims across the sea with the daughter of the Phoenician king Agenor on his back.
In the author's artistic concept, the figurative and pictorial symbolism of the tapestry bears the prototype of a modern man. At the same time, the Sun is his extroverted state and reaction to the world around him - joy and readiness for contact, and the bull is an introverted essence, baggage of personal experiences that he carries in himself - strength, patience and forgiveness. Together, these entities create the image of a free and harmonious person, carrying a positive charge, with a richly developed inner world, able to learn and teach, and not afraid to overcome difficulties on his creative life path.
And the philosophical and author's concept of the work is to reveal the image of a person’s state of mind, looking for his way in achieving absolute spiritual freedom. After all, what is the life of man - the search for the promised land - and he himself is just an eternal wanderer in this world.
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